Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. PROSPA’s formation is dedicated to ensuring the genuine, permanent success of it’s clients in the current challenging environment. For the last three decades the not-for-profit sector was based on the power of prescription. In this new decade its progress will be dependent on the power of new ideas and new approaches. Rejecting or undermining new ideas and new approaches risks undermining the sector itself.

Albert Einstein once said “Dysfunctionalism is doing the same thing again and gain but expecting different results.” PROSPA’s goal is to assist its clients operate differently to achieve better results. Change begins with the Governance mindset and direction and ends with customer service delivery. Never has there been a need for change as is now required by Government policy for the sector. Such change is the soil from which the strong and successful organisations of tomorrow will grow.

We are commited to clients securing their desired future success through strategic effectiveness combined with operational and financial efficiencies. Achieved by exploiting Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and “Breakthrough Thinking”, we work alongside our clients to practical completion of assignments and beyond to post assignment assessment. We don’t disappear after providing a proposal for transitioning to better performance. This demonstrates our corporate ethos of supporting reform with intelligence and integrity.

We hope you will select PROSPA to support you in your future journeys towards achieving your further corporate success.

Ron Mendes, Managing Consultant PROSPA

PURPOSE:  Supporting Clients to achieve their Goals through converting their Challenges into Opportunities

VISION: The first and natural choice as long term, trusted Advisors so our Clients can achieve Continuously Improving Results

MISSION: Contributing to our Clients’ ability to exploit every Opportunity for their Maximum Benefit and that of  their Customers too