Our Members

PROSPA has a number of members providing consulting and advisory services covering all activities for which social housing organisations may require support at certain times. More information on the key individual PROSPA members can be obtained by clicking on their corporate logos below.


Service area: Property Development

Contact Name: Joe Martoccia, Managing Director

Contact Details

Phone: 01908 525012
Mobile: 07966 311166
Email: joe.martoccia@aveburyprojects.com
Website: http://www.aveburyprojects.com

Service Area: Tenant Matters

Contact Name: Chris Hearn, Project Support Manager

Contact Details

Phone: 0208 6829570
Mobile: 07584 310936
Email: chris.hearn@first-call-housing.com
Website: http://www.firstcallhousingfoundation.co.uk


Service Area: External & Internal Audit, Tax, VAT

Contact Name: David Green, Partner

Contact Details

Phone: 01633 222881
Mobile: 07990 557738
Email: DTGreen@hwca.com
Website: http://www.hwca.com

Service Area: Governance/Strategy/Risk/Teams

Contact Name: Ron Mendes, Chief Adviser

Contact Details

Phone: 01788 547768
Mobile: 07970 784482
Email: ron@justvalueconsulting.com
Website: http://www.justvalueconsulting.com


Service Area: Customer / Contact Centre Service

Contact Name: Martin Jukes, Director

Contact Details

Phone: 0845 0569800
Mobile: 07815 777017
Email: martin@mpathyplus.co.uk
Website: http://www.mpathyplus.co.uk

Service Area: Asset Management

Contact Name: Nick Wood, Senior Partner

Contact Details

Phone: 01635 32586
Mobile: 07888 700576
Email: nick.wood@m3h.co.uk
Website: http://www.m3h.co.uk