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Ron Mendes

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> Governance enhancement

> Strategic Planning upgrades

> Risk Management strengthening

> Cost control & rationalisation

> Internal control/Audit improvement

> Leadership & Team development

> treasury Management support

> Culture Change Management assistance

Our UK client base covers the whole spectrum of social housing organisations from some of the Top 20 RP trans-regional Groups with more than 40,000 units to medium and small sized RPs that have circa 1000 units. A sample of the client base is included amongst the organisations on this website’s Client page.

Internationally, our client base extends from oil companies in the Carribean to major companies such as Gazprom and the Russian National State Railways from the former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria and Central Asia such as Kazakhstan Tajikistan and Uzbekstan. ALL of our services listed on this page have been provided to these major organisations on a repeat basis for a number of years since the formation of Just Value Consulting.

Unique Organisational Features
All our work is based on Thought Leadership from established international sources. Our clients therefore can derive maximum benefits from the latest fresh service offerings that are available in the marketplace rather than advisory and consulting services based on individuals’ own experiences that may be out of date. Therefore and critically, such latter services may not be beneficial in the current challenging environment. Our belief is that clients need modern, relevant services, whether in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors, irrespective of size and whether they are local, national or international.
Key Client Benefits
In the current external environment, organisations simply cannot afford to base their futures and, crucially, that of their customers on personal experience and expertise that may be out of date and not genuinely potent, especially in the advisory and consulting arena. Deploying JVC’s services gains clients the cutting edge use and benefits of tomorrow’s techniques.

The efficacy of JVC’s services manifests itself in the continued use, in the 21st century, of the firm’s various services by the leading industrial, commercial and State organisations of the former Soviet bloc countries in their drive to catch up with the West in terms of adopting the latest Western management techniques and Governance, Risk & Internal control methodologies.

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Supporting clients to progress from the paths of the past and accelerate in the fast lanes of the future


Parterning every client to visibly improve society rather than simply meet its needs


Releasing client corporate and human potential via the provision of 21st century techniques and services