SECTOR OPPORTUNITIES _ CORPORATE (Contact for further details)

1) Organisational

We have a number of land development, asset transfer and joint venture opportunities through social housing Registered Providers (RPs), Local Authorities (LAs), Charities and other not-for-profit organisations.

2) Financial

We have a number of funding opportunities to suit your needs from UK and overseas lenders.

3) HR

Our portfolio of personnel available extends from junior level staff to senior management across all disciplines and that includes Chief Executives.

4) Other (eg IT software)

We have access to a full range of off-the-shelf and tailormade software provide by leading IT organisations and professionals specialising in the social housing sector.

SECTOR OPPORTUNITIES _ INDIVIDUAL (Contact for further details)

1) Employment

We currently act for a number of small, medium and large social housing providers, local authorities, charities and other not-for-profit organisations requiring personnel from junior to senior management levels. We would welcome receipt of CVs from senior management individuals seeking Director and Manager roles in social housing.

2) Interim

We have a number of clients seeking high quality senior management individuals to fill short, medium and long term roles. We would welcome CVs from specialist interim managers, senior management in between roles and also consultants interested in this expandind area in the current environment.

3) Consulting

We would be interested to receive CVs from relevant personnel who are confident of satisfying client wants and needs to a range of our clients on an associate basis. Only candidates who are confident that they can provide, to challenging deadlines, modern 21st century solutions that are relevant to social housing will be successful however.